Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Move to Tumblr

I decided to change things up a bit and have started a new blog on Tumblr. It is easier to create and share for people, has a new fresh look with big pictures, and Lord knows, change is good. Hopefully if you subscribed here, you can switch over and keep up to date with what's going on. Thanks everyone.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gay in America Released!

Gay-in-America_CoverSo amazing to see this come to life! Order you copy now on Amazon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

caye caulker, belize

amazing recent trip to belize with nick for his birthday. apologies for lack of posts on here recently. going to try and play catch up with my favorite images since last logging in...


Monday, July 26, 2010

Gull Island Peace

We come out and anchor on a sliver of sand near Moriches Inlet called Gull Island a lot. Great spot, lots of clams, birds and breezes. Scored this shot of a seagull flyover over head, perhaps guarding his brood which inhabit the island.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Mess We're In @ Pelavin Gallery

Happy to have a couple of adscapes in a group show at Pelavin Gallery that opens this evening. 13 Jay Street in Tribeca 6-8pm. Hope to see some friendly faces there. It's up through early September. Here is the press release:

Pelavin Gallery is proud to announce a group exhibition of gallery artists depicting their reflections on the metropolis. With this premise, this show seeks to present a collection of works which examine contemporary urban life and the future prospect of civilization. A variety of mediums will be shown—painting, photography, drawing and collage—and several gallery artists represented, including: Ivaylo Gueorgiev, Steven Katzman, Amy Park, Scott Pasfield, Bruce Richards and Mark Safan.

In his essay, Childe Harold's Pilgramage (1812-18), Lord Byron states: There is the moral of all human tales; 'Tis but the same rehearsal of the past. First freedom and then Glory—When that fails, wealth, vice, corruption—barbarism at last. And History, with all her volumes vast, hath but one page.

Throughout history, the metropolis has been represented in celebration for its significances and simultaneously in critique for its downfalls. This is recognizable in Thomas Cole’s series of paintings The Course of Empire (1833-36), which depicts the growth and fall of an imaginary city. Cole’s series of paintings reflect popular American sentiments of the times, by emphasizing the fear of ‘The Empire’ leading to gluttony and inevitable decay.

Contemporary daily media coverage suggests that our own culture struggles to balance itself between ‘The Consummation’ and ‘The Destruction’ of our own empire(s): Quake causes Haiti's palace to crumble—Haiti's middle class shaken into poverty… Afghan peace gathering continues despite Taliban attack… Toxic chemicals finding way into the womb… Anger gushes as BP gets bashed—BP's chief is apologetic… Kidnapped daughter found on Facebook… Russell Brand just wants to love you… Taxi driver ‘watched friend shot in face’… Mystery water creature biting kids…

Combining such subject matters as vandalism, found pornographic materials, architectural icons, sexualized advertisements, street riots and city sky-scapes, this exhibition attempts to document the celebration and simultaneous critique of urban life by providing a group of work that documents the natural and fabricated landscape of the contemporary metropolis, while also illuminating the injustices of the current social scene.

For more information please contact the gallery at 212.925.9424 or gallery@pelavingallery.com

Pelavin Gallery 13 Jay Street New York NY 10013

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stephen, Gay America - FL

I must have been around 10 or so; had always known I was attracted to men and never felt anything negative about it, other than other boys in my crowd didn't share my feelings...at least outwardly. One day as my Mother and I were doing the dishes after a family lunch, she began to have "the Talk" with me -- Mother, of course, ran our home while Father was sweet, lovely, but weak. At any rate, she did the man/woman thing as she washed and I wiped plates. Then she said that there were women who were attracted to other women and men who were attracted to other men. "They are called 'homosexuals'", she said. And I remember as clearly as this morning gazing out the window into our small back yard, "Well, if there's a name for it, then I can't be the only one." It was that simple, that clear, that undramatic.

I came out to my family when I was about 16. They, of course, hauled me off to the psychiatrist. I went in first and had a lovely 15 minute conversation with him about me, my feelings, my fears, my sexuality, etc. Then he asked that I sit in the waiting room while he spoke privately with my parents. I went out; they went in. After about 30 minutes, they came out - he strolling, she storming - and home we went. Silence in the car, so after about 10 minutes I asked what The Good Doctor had said. Pause. "He said that he wanted to see us every week for at least 6 months, but that you didn't have to go back", my Father said.

The following day I called the office and asked to speak to the Doctor. He took my call. Asking him what had transpired and telling him that we arrived home and Mother had taken to her bed and not another word had been spoken about it, he said. "Well, Stephen, I told your parents that you were the most well-adjusted teenager and homosexual I've ever me, and that it was they who needed therapy to address and resolve their own conflicts about it."

And ever since, wherever, whenever, with whom ever, I've been myself. Solid. Confident. Frightened. Unsure. Definite. Strong. Kind. Lover. Fuck Buddy. Son. Brother. Friend. Never thinking it was necessary to be 'proud' since I am myself. It is all I've ever known and, with luck, all I will continue to be for a long, long time.

There are a million tales, examples, etc., but they all funnel back to the above. Early knowledge, early assurance, early truth, and a lifetime of being honest and true to the only one to whom I can or must: myself.

At 55, I feel younger, stronger and more confident -- prouder? -- than ever. Maybe I've managed to find a drop of wisdom somewhere along this road.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vermont Barn Cat

A little sappy, but I couldn't resist.

Big Falls State Park

Had no idea this was so close to the house, which is only about 20 minutes away. The falls are apparently the largest undammed cascade and gorge remaining on a major Vermont river. The river is the Missiquoi, which at this point flows north, soon entering Canada before turning southwest back into the state, eventually ending up in Lake Champlain. Beautiful, remote and easy to get to. Definitely will go back.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jay Peak Spring Skiing

These were from a couple of weeks ago up at Jay after a late spring snow storm. Love that mountain!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Central Park Spring Evening

Some recent shots from a bike ride around the park.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Reflections

Apologies for the very long lapse. I have been hard at work getting my promo book designed and ready to pitch publishers next month. This morning I shot this little gem out across the house at dawn, looking east towards the William Floyd Estate. The colors reflecting off of the water were beautiful. Would love to see this printed large and up on a wall. I can lose myself in there.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tom Everett Scott

Here is a recently discovered shot of the handsome Tom Everett Scott from a cover shoot I did of him a couple of years ago. Not quite sure what it is I like here, but there is something really interesting going on.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Grand Finale of the Project!

With Jonny, I finished the first phase of the project and have completed all 50 of America's states. Some interesting stats from the journey...120 shoots, 90 single guys, 28 couples & 2 triads. 160 people. 3 of those people have died. And gay men love their animals...I've also shot 34 dogs, 5 cats, 3 birds,1 horse, 1 cow and many, many goats. And Michael takes the prize as the most popular Gay name out there, with 9 men representing. Runners up Kevin and Paul each have 5 entries.

Here are the last pics from the Hawaiian adventure and one of the portraits I took of Jonny. I photographed him outside of his home, aka as a van, on a beautiful evening on a rocky coastline nort of Kona. Big thanks to him for helping me finish it so memorably. :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Step Snorkeling

Jonny took us to Two Step, apparently one of the best places to snorkel on the big island. But honestly, a little touristy, cold and barren if u ask me. The best part of the morning here was the delicious breakfast that he cooked for us on his camping stove out on the rocks. The Pu'uhonua O Honaunau national historic park is in the distance with all the palm trees.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kilauea Volcano

After the spectacular beach, we headed south to Hilo then beyond to Kilauea Volcano and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It was pretty cool to see all the geothermal activity and surreal landscape. No spewing lava or glow after sunset, but it was amazing all the same. Loved the Japanese tourists in plastic ponchos and the moodiness the fog and mist provided.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waipi'o Valley & Hi'ilawe Falls

The second day on Hawaii started with a trip to the Waipi'o Valley on the northeast coast of the windward (wet) side on the island. Since we had a Jeep and Jonny's knowledge, we waved and went past the guard and headed down the steep road to the valley's floor. It drops about 900 feet in one mile and is not for the faint at heart. I liked that I was driving.... Once we made it to the bottom, we parked along a dirt road and entered an unmarked trail, destination...Hi'ilawe Falls. The 1200' falls are Hawaii's largest and there's a large pool where u can swim under and climb the rocks behind the falls. Super cool. The hike up was not easy and Nick wished he had on more than flip flops for sure. But we made it and the reward was well worth it. There is very little chances of finding the falls if you didn't know where to go and I am so thankful we had Jonny to show us the way.

After the swim and hike back down we headed to the relatively empty beach at the mouth of valley and Jonny cooked an excellent seared tuna lunch with papaya for us. A hungry horse lumbered over looking for scraps, loved that. The beach and surrounding cliffs, valleys and waterfalls are all beyond scenic and I would say this ranks as the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. What an amazing place this is, definitely one not to miss when you go to the Big Island. The day was like out of a dream...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Big Island & Jonny - Day 1

Moving onto the last of the islands, Hawaii proper, we flew from Maui to the Western and dry side of The Big Island and were greeted by Jonny at the airport with leis he had made himself. The Kona airport was open-air, all planes were greeted by roll up staircases and there were very few walls in the airport at all. It was very cool. He got us settled into our condo rental and we took off for the beach in the Jeep we rented.

He took us to a fairly secluded black lava beach north of Kona that had a few homes on it and attracted sea turtles, unbelievbly beautiful! He started the hike out by taking us for a swim in an underground fresh water lava tube known as the Queen's Bath, that was about 100 feet from the ocean. We climbed down a ladder into it and followed swimming behind Jonny and his flashlight, trying to avoid smashing into lava boulders. We made it back quite far and sat on some rocks. Then he turned out the light and we waited in complete darkness till our eyes adjusted and we could barely see a glow. Then he told us to find our way back in the dark. Wild.

We then walked along the beach of Kiholo Bay and took in the sights, including fresh water lagoons where the turtles hung out and saw an amazing sunset. Jonny is such an interesting guy who has lived very close to this land for the last ten years, you'll see more of him in the next few posts. He reminded me of John Locke on Lost both in looks and temperament. Perfect guide for Hawaii.

We spent the night back at the condo, Jonny cooked us an amazing meal, homemade ginger carrot lemongrass soup, sesame tuna ceviche and a beautiful salad. It was Nick's birthday and Jonny outdid himself. He finished it off with crystallized ginger and local vanilla fresh ice cream. A great birthday for Nick.