Thursday, June 26, 2008

George Carlin RIP

I had the honor of photographing George Carlin a few years ago in Los Angeles. He was not the happiest guy when he realized that he had to sit down for portraits with me, but he did his best and even allowed me to get in super tight on the last shot. Here it is, that last frame, from the twenty images I took that evening. Rest in peace George, you'll be missed.

Gay American Road Trips

I started a new project in February finding and photographing inspirational OUT Gay American Men from every state with great stories or wisdom to share. It has been a truly amazing experience so far and I hope to finish by the end of this year and turn it into a book. I have done 17 states and embark tomorrow morning for my longest road trip to date, hoping to accomplish at least a dozen states before returning home. I will probably post a new portfolio of the men on my site next month. Here are a few snaps from my last road cousin Justin's son Jack in WV, the Giant Peachoid water tower in SC and some shots from my Aunt Debbie's farm in Kentucky.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tiger Woods Revisited

I went back last week to reshoot the Tiger Woods billboard and now I can say for sure that it was for a new Tiger Gatorade. Better branding for him than the drink I think. Here's what I ended up with. Love the collection of people and the chip eating gal up front.