Monday, July 07, 2008

The Adirondacks and Beyond

I headed out on another road trip for my project after checking in on VT last week and started by crossing into NY just under the Canadian Border. Then I drove through The Adirondack Park to my Uncle Gary's house in Verona Beach on Oneida Lake which took more than six hours. It amazes me how large NY is. I snapped this shot crossing a small bridge somewhere near Lake Placid in some pretty spectacular countryside. After spending the night at his lake cottage, I headed off to shoots in Buffalo, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis and Chicago before taking a break and flying back to NY from Milwaukee, which is where I will resume the project later this week.

VT House Upstairs

I swung by the VT house last week and wanted to show how the upstairs rooms turned out, places I love to spend time in when I'm there. In the kitchen, we put in a new fridge that finally opens all the way and is flush with the cabinets, which makes such a huge difference. The one that came with the house not only didn't work, but was standard sized and stuck out 6 more inches beyond the cabinets and was unable to open all the way, rendering it rather inefficient for its 35 year life. The new one's a Liebherr from Germany, a cheaper alternative to a Sub-Zeron, and such a cooler fridge, if you ask me. We also mirrored the backsplash which opens up the space even more and adds to the whole 70's vibe. My grandmother made the Rya shag rug on the floor, while the dining room table, wall hangings and the deer head were finds at my favorite Long Island thrift sale. It all came together quite nicely. I love it.