Monday, December 29, 2008

Where's the Snow, Jay Peak?

My partner and I came up to VT last night and were bummed to see that so much snow has melted with this warm weather and rain that hit the east coast over the weekend. I was hoping somehow that it wouldn't affect the conditions that much, but looks like the mountain is in terrible shape and is even showing a lot of dirt. Here are some shots from a couple of weeks ago when I was up last and had a few great days on the slopes. Hoping that some snow comes our way tonight...

Brandon, Gay American

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sebastian Bach

Here's Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame in a huge newly renovated warehouse building along the East River in Brooklyn south of the Brooklyn Bridge with some great views of downtown from earlier this year. He really has had an amazing career, spanning music, Broadway and TV. We connected nicely having had both just turned forty a few weeks earlier and had some nice conversations about reaching that milestone. A very nice down to earth guy. He recently appeared on and won the second season of Country Gold, a celebrity reality show on CMT.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Season's Greeting and best wishes for the New Year! Here's a shot from a few years ago underneath the arch that anchors Fifth Avenue and invites visitors into Washington Square Park. Half of the park is under renovation at the moment and from what I can see, looks like it will be beautiful. I especially like the idea of not having to look at those globe shaped 70's street lighting anymore. There were so many protests and concerns about the redesign and I hope that after all is said and done, it will not only be a success, but will also be embraced by the community like it always has. My only fear is with the central fountain that is being reduced in size and moved to line up on axis with the arch and Fifth Avenue. Seems silly for NYU to be so concerned with it since their own Kimmel Center that was constructed on the south side of the park has done much more damage to that axis than anything else and moving the fountain will not make much difference imho.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So as many of you probably are aware of, Facebook is a great way to socialize online and network with old friends, classmates, and business colleagues. I've been trying to build up my friend list with cool creative people and having fun seeing glimpses into their lives. It's fascinating I think. And has proven already to be good for business as I'm doing a shoot on Tuesday which is happening all because of Facebook. Anyway, I befriended David Wain, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black on the site whom I had shot for Comedy Central's ad campaign for their short lived show. They still tour and have each done their own thing to great success. David just directed Role Models which I can't wait to see. These guys humor you either love or hate and fortunately for me it's love. I'll post the DVD cover soon too, which has them riding a triple bicycle against done. The campaign was fun, 7 sets built in studio, great art directing and cool funny guys in suits. I'd like to do more stuff like this.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

Here are some shots from the two beautiful places where I spend most of my time when not in the city. The VT mountaintop shot looks southeast down the back side of Jay Peak and takes in the view of Big Jay and Stowe way off in the distance. Our house sits just to the right of the low lying cloud and mountain to the right, Big Jay, about three miles from the ski area entrance. I took this last Saturday during a great day of skiing and boy, it was cold, about 5˚F. The sunrise shot I woke up to in Mastic Beach the morning I left for VT a week earlier and looks out over Narrows Bay to Fire Island from across the street to our beach place on Long Island. Lucky man indeed.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Senator Fran Drescher?

So the star of The Nanny, Fran Drescher, who turned 51 this year, threw her hat into the ring for the NY Senate seat that will soon be vacated by Hillary Clinton. She faces some pretty tough competition however from Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo, both campaigning for the position. "I feel like I could be a good senator - I'm every woman and the consummate New Yorker. I’m an authentic and honest person and I think Capitol Hill needs more of that. While I realize I don't have a very good relationship with the governor and other contenders have his ear, all he can do is say no.” She does have excellent points and would bring some great aggressive authentic New York energy to the Senate, something that Kennedy has been criticized as lacking. All I know is that she loved the camera and was great fun to photograph when I took this shot of her on a back lot in Los Angeles. You go Nanny Fine!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Vermont House and Skiing

I post today from the snowy confines of our place up in Northern VT where I came to ski and escape the cold gray cement confines of the city six hours to the south. A shot that I took last night of the house shortly after surviving the long drive up and not hitting any deer or sliding off the road. It really does look like a spaceship that just landed, especially with all the lighting and the steam rising on the left side from the boiler vent. I so love this place and feel blessed that we are able to enjoy it.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

David Byrne, Renaissance Man

Here's a couple of shots that I just love from a shoot a few years ago of one of musician David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame. I just heard some tracks from his new album with Brian Eno and he continues to amaze me. He is also a great artist and photographer that I often see peddling around the streets of New York City on his bicycle. I believe that he was educucated as an architect, something we both have in common. When we did this quick shoot in a dark wine cellar of a midtown restaurant, my focus light somehow blew out and I was left with almost no light in which to focus. A bit flustered and starstruck, he reassured me that with my current f-stop and shutter speed, all would be fine and in focus. Of course he was right. Love this guy. He is currently on a worldwide tour with Eno. To find out more, check out his site at

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some shots from the Outer Banks of North Carolina near Nags Head where Nick and I joined some family for Thanksgiving this year. We all rented a house for the week to enjoy the holiday from neutral ground. We explored the area yesterday and took in some sights including Jockey's Ridge State Park, the largest sand dunes on the east coast. Very cool. I hope that everyone is enjoying a great holiday this year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sebastian Junger

I saw on my facebook page this morning that my friend Reid Callanan, the director of the Santa Fe Photo Workshops, is organizing a fundraising event with Reza and Sebastian Junger on December 4th in Santa Fe to benefit Photo Teens, a really great cause. Information for the event is located on the workshops site, linked here. It all reminded me that I had photographed Sebastian a while back for Manhattan File, which was such a great magazine, soon after his book A Perfect Storm had been made into a movie. We shot this at the bar in his restaurant, The Half King, on West 23rd Street, near Tenth Avenue in Chelsea, NYC, which is still such a great place to eat and hang out if you're ever in the neighborhood.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Maine and Massachusetts Visit

Last week I went up to Maine and Massachusetts for some some more Gay America shoots and really enjoyed my time up there. I met and photographed some very interesting guys including a psychic medium, a high school principal, a retired air traffic controller, a substance abuse counselor, a real estate broker and amazing photo-realistic portrait artist. The medium also did my reading, which proved to be a wonderful experience. I was a bit of a skeptic before, but am amazed at the details this guy gave me about my life, surroundings and loved ones. My grandmother came through loud and clear and had lot of messages for me. There were other relatives that came to talk too, but she was by far the most vocal. I also have lived over 50 previous lives, am intensely connected to Rome and am a bit of a psychic myself. My book will be published in 2009/10 and is one of three major projects that will also published in my life. As far as spirit guides, I have six photographers, a couple of philosophers and a Native American warrior with me at all times. I found it really fascinating , would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone. It's amazing who this project puts me in touch with and it all is so very cool. Some shots along the way from the Androscoggin River.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bob Barletta, RIP

Some recent events have made me think of those loved ones that have passed on and I wanted to share this shot of my partner Nick with his father, Bob, who died earlier this year after a long and tough battle with Alzheimer's. I took this snapshot at a small celebration last year for my partner Nick's 46th birthday at his parents house, which is around the corner from our weekend place. I know that he is in good company on the other side and is patiently awaiting the reunion with his wife Edith, who still has a lot of life left in her before she joins him. He was 90 in this picture, if you can believe, and definitely passed along his good looking genes to Nick. RIP Bob, you were a wonderful man and are greatly missed by us all.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

© Norman Jean Roy Group Shot

Picture 1Here's a shot from famed photographer Norman Jean Roy of the students that took his workshop last year in Santa Fe, myself included, second from the left. To watch him in action and create this out of practically nothing was great. You can see more of his work regularly in Vanity Fair and other Condé Nast publications.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nutopia Group Show


K & M Studios Gallery
385 Broadway, 3rd Floor

Thursday, November 6th – ONE NIGHT ONLY!!
7.30 pm – 10.00 pm - BYOB

Participating Photographers:

Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Mike McGregor, Andrew Hetherington, Pari Dukovic, Glenn Glasser, Steven Laxton, Mauricio Quintero, Grace Doherty, Cailla Quinn, Sara Macel, Wesley Belknap Rose, Jami Saunders, Heather Courtney, Nick Rapaz, Jason Robinette, Scott Pasfield, Jennifer Trausch & Platon

"Nutopia has no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people." John Lennon

You are invited to the one-night-only inaugural group exhibition of the Nutopia Forum. Conceived by the famed photographer Platon, the Nutopia Forum is a collective of young photographers who meet regularly to discuss their photography and share new work. In the spirit of 17th-century French salons, the Nutopia Forum creates a democratic environment for photography to be discussed and celebrated in all forms and genres.

In order to maintain the intimacy of a small social gathering, the Nutopia Forum meetings operate on an invitation-only basis. The ShowNight will be the first time we open our doors to the general public to view our work as a collective. Bring friends & countrymen along with a healthy supply of booze & good spirits for an evening of photography & debaucheries.

Spread the word & the love.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jim and Nile, Gay Americans

Here's another shot that I just love from my Gay America project of a couple in Palm Springs, CA and their story.

We were both products of what we call the ignorant generation; the one that could not even discuss SEX, much less sexual orientation. We both are products of very rural areas; KS and MT. Both followed the dictates of societal mores and married and had children. Jim, the furry one, was married for 27 years. Me, Nile, for 21. Yes, we have pretty cool relationships with our respective families. Jim's is a bit more proactive. We both survived one previous post-marriage relationship. Each disastrous in their own way. It will be 13 years this December for us as mates and CA registered partners for over 8. As gay men, our joint philosophy has been that we neither flaunt it nor apologize for it. Our life hope is that by example we touch folks' lives in a way that they may reach an acceptance and understanding of what the reality of being a gay man is really like, and that accepting Diversity really is just fine. We're pretty plain, low key men. lolol

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Colors

Nick and I went up to VT last weekend and bathed in the orange glow at the house. Played with my chainsaw, lawnmower and camera. Happy man. Here's a composite shot of two images taken at sunset from the back deck. One of the mountainside and one of the sky, merged to form a shot that looks like I'm peering through some low flying clouds...kind of.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nutopia Magazine #10

I am honored and excited to be featured in the latest issue of Nutopia, an online and printed magazine of photographers and artists gathered by the photographer Platon. My adscapes and me are happy to be included. Check it out, Issue #10. Takes a while to load though... At a recent gathering, I met two great photographers whose sites are linked on the Nutopia blog, Andrew Hetherington and Steven Laxton. Andrew also has an interesting blog at All good stuff.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gays Across America

I just posted a new portfolio on my site of portraits that I have been working hard at over the last 7 months. It's of out and proud gay men from around the country that have shared their stories with me and allowed me into their worlds at home. I have done about 80 shoots so far in 43 states. The stories are so amazing and varied and need to be shared. I hope to finish shooting by the end of the year and have it made into a kick ass book next year. Here's a shot of Robert from North Dakota in his back yard. The portfolio is at and titled 'gay america'.
Thanks for checking it out. :o)Here's Robert and his initial email...

You talked about finding out gay men in Fargo willing to be photographed.

I am 44, actually live in Leonard, ND which is a small town about 35 miles out of Fargo, maybe 200 homes. I moved up to ND in Jan of '89 and liked it and have stayed. I lived in Grand Forks until the flood of 97 and then moved to Fargo, and about 4.5 years ago bought the house I live in.

I know we need a wider exposure than what most of the media shows of GBT folks. From kids who are out to the folks one might think to the range of Lesbians and Gay Men found here. What Fargo could use are bill boards.

But, I am out, have been for a bit. Came out to myself in 1992 or 3, and then to my folks 5 years ago, yea, but I am sure that's not too uncommon a story.

I am a 330 pound, long beared bear. Lot's of gray in the beard, and I am out at work and anywhere. I had a partner for 4 years that recently left and my company even had him covered for insurance. I am not what most folks think of when they think of a gay man. But there are a lot of us, and we are all around.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Traveling Man

Wow, I am one tired pup, writing this post from my lovely Days Inn motel room near the AZ border in southern CA. I have driven about 2800 miles in the last week and a half, starting in Los Angeles and looping through San Francisco, Reno, Salt Lake, Vegas, Phoenix and Tuscon and many places in between. More great guys and stories for the book with two more shoots and 500 miles to log in before returning to NYC and Nick on Friday. I am so psyched that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with only seven mores states to visit and almost all will be new places for me, including the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. Here are a few snaps from the highway of the vast western landscape that I have driven through on this trip. I LOVE it out here. God's country for sure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunbury Moonscapes

Took Jeanne and Scott's golf cart down to the water after dinner on Saturday night to this old mansion's remains and tried to do some of my moonscapes, taking advantage of the full moon rising over the bay at that sweet magic hour. Here's the two I like best shot under a live oak dripping with Spanish moss and a couple of boats passing by.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunbury, Georgia Coast

I wanted to share some of the beauty of the Georgia coast and the peaceful little area of Sunbury where I find myself this weekend. My step sister Jeanne and her husband Scott live here, spending a lot of time fishing, crabbing, shrimping and sharing the bounty of the sea with the local manatees and dolphins. Amazing to say the least. We took their golf cart to a neighbor's house last night for a crab feast and traveled down the oldest road in Georgia to get there. Here's a shot of the moss covered trees along that road and the delicious crabs we ate before they were cooked. Good eatin' ya'll.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chris Fry, RIP

On July 15th, I had the privilege of photographing Chris Fry, in Mission, Kansas on July 15th for my project. He was a very nice guy, whom I had found online and asked about whether he might have interest in being a part of the book. Happily, he agreed and we set up a shoot when I was passing through town. Here's what he wrote me about himself.

Not really sure what to write. I work at KU Med Center as a respiratory therapist. I'm a quiet reserved person, put my all into something or someone that I like. Try to do right by others. May have found that special someone to spend my life with earlier this month. Like the outdoors and hanging with friends. Spend part of my life in the navy. Seen a good amount of the world. Well I hope I've answered your questions. Chris

Unbelievably, he was killed in a motorcycle accident last week, all too young. My heart and prayers go out to his family and boyfriend Kevin during this difficult time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wyoming Grasslands

I survived another leg of the Gay America project and now clock in at 37 states complete. I flew home from Atlanta, where I return Sept 4th to continue shooting. I still have GA, FL and AL to do before bringing the car back to NY. The six shoots I did since Santa Fe were in Carlsbad NM, San Angelo, Pflugerville and Conroe TX, Loranger LA and Jackson MS. Amazing men, stories and photos. Can't wait to share. In the meantime, here is a shot of the grasslands in the eastern part of the scenic wonder we call Wyoming.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Northern Plains Summer Colors

On the latest road trip for my project, I had shoots in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming and Colorado. Spent some time up in a Buddhist retreat, a college town, a rural farmhouse, and lots of cool places in between. Some things that caught my eye were the farmland in western Wisconsin, a stand-alone gas pump south of Fargo (no store or attendant in sight) and a sunflower field in SD. I arrived in Santa Fe a few days ago to recharge my batteries, so to speak, and am heading off tomorrow morning for the final leg of this road trip back to NY through TX and then east.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flint Hills, Kansas

As I prepare for the next trip for my project, I wanted to post a little something about the last journey, which started and ended in Milwaukee, but brought me to Des Moines IA, Omaha NE, Kansas City MO, Wichita KS, Tulsa OK, Little Rock AR, Jackson TN and finally Farmersville IL. One spot that really left me breathless was along a drive in Eastern Kansas through these amazingly large rounded grass covered hills known as the Flint Hills or Bluestem Pastures. As the sun was setting and the views from the highway amazing, I stopped quickly to try and capture the American heartland at its best, cows grazing and all. The resulting image is just OK, but you get the idea. I also turned around and took a shot of a truck whizzing by me on the highway, with the moon in the distance. Sweet. Interesting side note, Elton John apparently has purchased a lot of land in this area, at least according to the woman at the Kansas Welcome Center.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Dom Deluise!

I have had this on my site for a while and saw that Dom is turning 75 today and wanted to send him birthday wishes. Happy birthday Dom! He was so funny on the Dinner for Five set in Los Angeles where I shot this before they started taping the show. He really wanted for me to try and get a shot of him with lots of smoke surrounding him and he tried his hardest, but it just didn't work out very well with my small lighting set up. So I asked him be all serious with his cigarette and ended up loving those shots best. He then sat down to dinner with host Jon Favreau, Richard Lewis, John Herzfeld, a director, and Peter Falk and they taped for a few hours, telling great stories from the industry, me lurking behind the cameras with my sound-proofed blimp taking stills for promotions. Memorable experiences to say the least.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Adirondacks and Beyond

I headed out on another road trip for my project after checking in on VT last week and started by crossing into NY just under the Canadian Border. Then I drove through The Adirondack Park to my Uncle Gary's house in Verona Beach on Oneida Lake which took more than six hours. It amazes me how large NY is. I snapped this shot crossing a small bridge somewhere near Lake Placid in some pretty spectacular countryside. After spending the night at his lake cottage, I headed off to shoots in Buffalo, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis and Chicago before taking a break and flying back to NY from Milwaukee, which is where I will resume the project later this week.