Thursday, December 04, 2008

David Byrne, Renaissance Man

Here's a couple of shots that I just love from a shoot a few years ago of one of musician David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame. I just heard some tracks from his new album with Brian Eno and he continues to amaze me. He is also a great artist and photographer that I often see peddling around the streets of New York City on his bicycle. I believe that he was educucated as an architect, something we both have in common. When we did this quick shoot in a dark wine cellar of a midtown restaurant, my focus light somehow blew out and I was left with almost no light in which to focus. A bit flustered and starstruck, he reassured me that with my current f-stop and shutter speed, all would be fine and in focus. Of course he was right. Love this guy. He is currently on a worldwide tour with Eno. To find out more, check out his site at

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