Monday, August 31, 2009

Kenai Peninsula Alpine Lakes

The drive from Anchorage to Seward was THE drive of the project. Amazing road through unbelievable scenery. These three shots were taken one after the other near Moose Pass about a half an hour from Seward. So pretty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kootenai River

Driving on Highway 2 west from Libby, a rather bleak heavily timbered area in north western Montana, I entered an amazing canyon that the Kootenai River flows through. I stopped in two places that felt right, lumbered over the train tracks and found trails that went down to the river to these amazing views. I was in awe sitting there. So beautiful. The water was especially clear and you could see deep into it. The colors and place were very special. Can't wait to get up to Alaska. Just hope that the sun shines on me.

Whitefish Lake

Man, Whitefish is a cool little town. Amazing mountain range surrounding a 7 mile lake with a great ski area a few miles up the road. Glacier Park a short drive away. Great western covered sidewalk downtown. This is what Greg and Jon look out onto from their rental house on the lake. Click on it to see it bigger. You can see the ski trails up on the mountain. They are building a new home on ten acres up in the hills in a beautiful private setting now. Maybe we come in for a couple of days of skiing this winter. Would be nice to see in the snow.

Montana Yellow Labs

After leaving Whitefish and having breakfast in Kalispell, I headed out of town towards Sandpoint and stopped along the way to photograph this beautiful horse ranch. The owner, Eve Rivers (yes, that was her name...great I think) was watering some newly planted trees and stopped to talk to me for a while after seeing me taking pics. She said she was a photographer and that I could get closer if I wanted. turns out in addition to all those horses, she also breeds yellow labs, specializing in a blockhead calm lineage. I think I found my next pup. The female pictured here is expected to have a litter around Christmas. How beautiful is this place? Meant to happen I think...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Gay Northwest Road Trip

I've started the latest segment for the project beginning in Seattle. I'll travel through Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Washington before heading up to Alaska. A great trip that is taking me places I have never been before. :o) Here's a shot of the Space Needle in Seattle from my friend Rob & Ferhat's roof deck in Belltown.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chip Livingston, poet & author

Last week I went to photograph my friend Chip in Calais, VT while we were up from the city. I spent the afternoon with him on the estate that he watches over and ended up shooting him in the boat house on the lake. Well large pond actually. Beautiful natural light and a great looking man. This photographer was happy. Love these pics.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

VT Landscapes

I was up in Vermont last week and shot these on the way to my friend Chip's house in Calais. This was before I wound up on a terrible back road that Google Maps recommended which caused some serious damage to the undercarriage and front frame. Bummer. But the trip sure was scenic, at least the early part before heading off piste. Anyway, these are all turnaround moments in a ten mile stretch around Eden, about 15 miles from the house. So beautiful.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Newfest Film Festival

In early June I set up shop and took portraits of people participating in NYC's lgbt film festival, known as Newfest. It celebrated its 23rd anniversary this year and screened some great new films. I worked out of the Logo Lounge aka The Cell across the street from the SVA Theater on 23rd St in an upstairs area that was private and had a cool chalkboard wall. I met so many wonderful people and love this series. I just put up a new portfolio on my site from the week if you want to see more. Check out Newfest's site here. Included here are directors Tina Mabry, Kyle Thomas Coker and Brian Harris Krinski; actors Derrick Middleton, Aidan Schultz-Meyer, Brian Seibert and Holly Lynn Ellis; filmmaker & photographer Katrina Del Mar, Barney's creative director Simon Doonan; and three time world champion figure skater Johnny Weir. Quite a group.