Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

Here are some shots from the two beautiful places where I spend most of my time when not in the city. The VT mountaintop shot looks southeast down the back side of Jay Peak and takes in the view of Big Jay and Stowe way off in the distance. Our house sits just to the right of the low lying cloud and mountain to the right, Big Jay, about three miles from the ski area entrance. I took this last Saturday during a great day of skiing and boy, it was cold, about 5˚F. The sunrise shot I woke up to in Mastic Beach the morning I left for VT a week earlier and looks out over Narrows Bay to Fire Island from across the street to our beach place on Long Island. Lucky man indeed.

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visit sounds around said...

scott you really need to review your life - it all hardship man ! ;O)
happy christmas Mr