Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jim and Nile, Gay Americans

Here's another shot that I just love from my Gay America project of a couple in Palm Springs, CA and their story.

We were both products of what we call the ignorant generation; the one that could not even discuss SEX, much less sexual orientation. We both are products of very rural areas; KS and MT. Both followed the dictates of societal mores and married and had children. Jim, the furry one, was married for 27 years. Me, Nile, for 21. Yes, we have pretty cool relationships with our respective families. Jim's is a bit more proactive. We both survived one previous post-marriage relationship. Each disastrous in their own way. It will be 13 years this December for us as mates and CA registered partners for over 8. As gay men, our joint philosophy has been that we neither flaunt it nor apologize for it. Our life hope is that by example we touch folks' lives in a way that they may reach an acceptance and understanding of what the reality of being a gay man is really like, and that accepting Diversity really is just fine. We're pretty plain, low key men. lolol

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