Friday, November 14, 2008

Bob Barletta, RIP

Some recent events have made me think of those loved ones that have passed on and I wanted to share this shot of my partner Nick with his father, Bob, who died earlier this year after a long and tough battle with Alzheimer's. I took this snapshot at a small celebration last year for my partner Nick's 46th birthday at his parents house, which is around the corner from our weekend place. I know that he is in good company on the other side and is patiently awaiting the reunion with his wife Edith, who still has a lot of life left in her before she joins him. He was 90 in this picture, if you can believe, and definitely passed along his good looking genes to Nick. RIP Bob, you were a wonderful man and are greatly missed by us all.

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Kelly said...

This is a great photo. It's hard to believe that he's 90 with advanced alzeheimers in this photo. He looks better than some of my colleagues...oh, maybe that explains our environmental problems.