Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gays Across America

I just posted a new portfolio on my site of portraits that I have been working hard at over the last 7 months. It's of out and proud gay men from around the country that have shared their stories with me and allowed me into their worlds at home. I have done about 80 shoots so far in 43 states. The stories are so amazing and varied and need to be shared. I hope to finish shooting by the end of the year and have it made into a kick ass book next year. Here's a shot of Robert from North Dakota in his back yard. The portfolio is at and titled 'gay america'.
Thanks for checking it out. :o)Here's Robert and his initial email...

You talked about finding out gay men in Fargo willing to be photographed.

I am 44, actually live in Leonard, ND which is a small town about 35 miles out of Fargo, maybe 200 homes. I moved up to ND in Jan of '89 and liked it and have stayed. I lived in Grand Forks until the flood of 97 and then moved to Fargo, and about 4.5 years ago bought the house I live in.

I know we need a wider exposure than what most of the media shows of GBT folks. From kids who are out to the folks one might think to the range of Lesbians and Gay Men found here. What Fargo could use are bill boards.

But, I am out, have been for a bit. Came out to myself in 1992 or 3, and then to my folks 5 years ago, yea, but I am sure that's not too uncommon a story.

I am a 330 pound, long beared bear. Lot's of gray in the beard, and I am out at work and anywhere. I had a partner for 4 years that recently left and my company even had him covered for insurance. I am not what most folks think of when they think of a gay man. But there are a lot of us, and we are all around.


afod said...

Sounds like it will be a great project with beautiful looking result!

ZZ said...

Hi Scott, Thanks for featuring my good friends Jim & Larry in your new project. I hope you had a chance to get to know them. They are great people and I love them both dearly. I epecially enjoyed the other portraits featuring gay men across the country, and from different race and class lines. I am looking forward to the book that will include the stories behind the men you photographed. All of your work is beautiful.