Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alan Streets Painting

I bought this painting after my Grandmother died along with another one from a street artist named Alan Streets, really that's his last name, a well know British artist working in NYC. It hangs in the hallway outside the bedroom and I look at it every day. I love it. It is not properly framed, instead simply hung on the wall as it was when I bought it. This guy's work rocks and so does his story. Like any good artist he is a bit crazy.

There are many interviews with him on Youtube, including this one which was made the day I bought this painting: Interview. The funny thing is that I also bought the one on the easel he's painting in the interview when it was half done, really liking it in its primitive figural state and the fact that it was around the corner from the studio. But when I returned to pick it up at the end of the day, it was not what I had fallen in love with earlier. Somehow it lost its beauty after the sale was made. But I took it none-the-less. I should have swapped it out for another that he had then and there that I quite liked, even though he considered them crap, as evidenced from the interview if you watch it. After trying to live with it for a while, it bugged me that I didn't love it, so I contacted him and he agreed for me have a look at others as an exchange. Well, when I went to his storage space, I couldn't find any that I really liked, as a dealer had just taken his best, he said. And now I live with another painting I exchanged it for, which now sits packed away somewhere in my own storage. Kinda wish I had just kept the original one. It is at least immortalized on film.

Most importantly, I am very happy with the one above. I love the colors and its fun cartoonish architectural scene of 2nd Avenue and East 7th St in the East Village, painted on Oct 18th, 2003.

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Tracy J said...

Hi Scott.

Just wanted to let you know that Alan Streets is pretty well renowned at this point in time. If you're interested in his paintings you should check out, his formal off the streets outlet.

Fantastic artist, isn't he?

Thanks for sharing!