Friday, February 20, 2009

Emanuele Ancorini

Here's some shots that I did last week of the multi-talented model, actor, producer and amazing figure skater, Emanuele Ancorini. We met years ago when I cast him in one of the Red Cross ads I shot that were all over city phone booths and airports. He was the guy that "didn't dress like you but would save your life in a heartbeat". When I came back from NC a couple of weeks ago I was greeted by two huge backlit posters from the campaign that are still running at Laguardia and figured it was trying to tell me something. Still makes me so happy to see those pictures in public making a difference. For these shots, I wanted to see what we could come up on the fly at his pad. We tried some stuff inside but that pink staircase in the hall was just calling out to me from the moment I got there and ultimately is where we ended up. He was such a pleasure to shoot and get to spend some time with. His girlfriend was in and out during the session and she is also an actress and model. When my leg heals, I think I'll plan a shoot with the two of them. You can also see a snapshot of him on the blog by his Vespa and Red Cross phone booth ad in the archives from April 08, titled "Red Cross Redux".

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