Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Cats

My friend Pauline has a love affair with black cats. She has had two for as long as I can remember, a male and female I believe that keep her amused. When my dog Kachina was getting older, Nick and I decided to get her a companion and ending up adopting a little black long haired kitten that we named Orlando. All was well, company had. About a year later at the beach house, a stray short haired black short haired cat adopted us out at the beach house and was waiting patiently every weekend for our arrival...and food. After a month of that, we decided to take her to the vet and lo and behold...pregnant. Welcome Ella to the family. So we put in a pet-door to the crawlspace so she would have a place to raise them, until we found homes for the kittens. Which we did. We were actually going to keep the alpha male of the litter, a very cool looking pure silver/gray with orange eyes and a stealth body. But he laid down and died at sixth months old for no apparent reason...which was very sad. Anyway, then we had two female black cats. Back and forth between NY, LI and VT. A couple of years go by, then another cat starts to stalk outside and laid on the charm thick. And was injured. Antibiotics for ten days. Nick names him Nico...crap, now three black cats! Never woulda thought. They go everywhere with us and travel pretty well. Here are two of them a couple of weeks ago when they wandered on set, Orlando on the left and Nico on the right. Meow.

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