Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Grand Finale of the Project!

With Jonny, I finished the first phase of the project and have completed all 50 of America's states. Some interesting stats from the journey...120 shoots, 90 single guys, 28 couples & 2 triads. 160 people. 3 of those people have died. And gay men love their animals...I've also shot 34 dogs, 5 cats, 3 birds,1 horse, 1 cow and many, many goats. And Michael takes the prize as the most popular Gay name out there, with 9 men representing. Runners up Kevin and Paul each have 5 entries.

Here are the last pics from the Hawaiian adventure and one of the portraits I took of Jonny. I photographed him outside of his home, aka as a van, on a beautiful evening on a rocky coastline nort of Kona. Big thanks to him for helping me finish it so memorably. :)


ranno said...

I had a look at the gay america series yesterday and at some point it did seem the series was more about dogs than guys :) Based on the statistics I was not too wrong.

Really beautiful and enjoyable photos! I will take time some day to read through all the stories published with the photos. Loved the ones I got through so far.

Jim said...

Scott, I read that AfterElton picked up on your project and that your site had a lot of hits since then. That's really great news. When will the book be published?

By the way, I'm not stalking you or anything, lol. But I do love your photography. Good luck with the project. It's a great thing that you do. Jim :)

Rob Ayotte said...

I was a really amazing experiance to have you come out to North Dakota and shoot me in my home environment. It's a huge accomplishment to have gotten all 50 states, for ANY photographer, but for finding Gay men, just amazing. The diversity of people, the beauty and strength you bring out still gets me. Very much looking forward to the book!