Monday, February 15, 2010

Maui Whale Watching and Snorkeling

Michael, one half of the couple that I shot on Maui, took Nick and me whale watching on a large catamaran, the Trilogy. The weather could have been better for sure, but it was still a great adventure, one that I felt for about 30 hours after we returned. I have decided that I really am better on land and prove it time and time again. A little ironic for a pisces. It was prime whale season and the humpbacks were ALL OVER. Amazing to have so many slapping and waving their tails and fins in the beautiful blue water. Not too many breached all day, but I did catch one rising out of the water and another shot of two tails out of the water at the same time. We snorkeled out at Molokini, a little horseshoe shaped island off shore and I used an underwater camera bag for the old 5d, but it was cumbersome and rather difficult to shoot. Need to get a little waterproof point and shoot for snorkeling, but I did manage to take some decent shots throughout the day. :)

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