Monday, February 15, 2010


Maui was the second island on our Hawaiian adventure. We flew over from Oahu on Hawaiian Air and onto Maui skirting along the many sugar cane fields that grow in the lowlying areas. We spent one great afternoon at Big & Little Beach, the few undeleveloped beaches on the island, another day whale watching and the final day doing the shoot with Michael & Bernard and exploring Haleakala Volcano. We finished the visit off with dinner in Kula, a sweet little mountain town about half way up the mountain. Beautiful! Whale watching pics to follow with a post all to their own.


Sheralyn said...

Your photos are stunning! I especially loved the one of Haleakala!

DesertViking said...

Scott, not one photo has been disappointing. I have only been to Oahu..but yearn to go where you have been. Kudos to your pics.