Friday, January 23, 2009

Man on Wire

I took some pictures for my syndicator, Retna, during last years Tribeca Film Festival and shot the star and director of Man on Wire, the story of Philippe Petit's notorious tight rope walk between the Twin Towers in the 70's. I finally watched it last weekend up in VT with my partner and was blown away. A fantastic movie. Go rent it! It has the greatest pace to it and feels more like a thriller than a documentary. It is also such a celebration of the buildings and made me realize how much of a void our city still has without them. I had posted some of these shots before, but felt that since the movie was just nominated for the best documentary Oscar yesterday they deserved some more air time. Congratulations to both Philippe and James Marsh, the very talented director. I have a feeling that it will win.

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MJ said...

He was on The Colbert Show tonight (Petit). Funny stuff.