Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ted, Gay American - ME


ceci said...

I have the special pleasure of knowing Ted - and I've been to his extraordinary house. It's all true!

Peak's Island is a unique community and Ted is an important link there. My family and I LOVE our visits to Ted's house - there is always something unexpected - my two young boys have made the journey up to the top of the meditation room several times. Ted has offered to let them camp out there but so far, they 've declined - I think too many steps down in the middle of the night for them....maybe next year!

Beautiful photograph Scott! (Though I have to say, it does seem to add ten years to its handsome subject...!)

MJ said...

You meet so many interesting people. I envy you. Did you take any pics of Peak's Island or his home? I'd love to see those.